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Those who have chosen to use Tazorac need to respect the properties of the chemical tazarotene. It can make the skin very sensitive. A person using Tazorac should stay out of the sun and should stay clear of any artificially produced UV light.

A person who is using Tazorac might find that he or she has become especially sensitive to cold or hot temperatures. Such a discovery should not become a reason for usingTazorac on a less frequent basis. If skin with acne mediations does not enjoy the application of a tazarotene compound at least once a day, that skin will continue to display acne symptoms.

There are times when a person with acne should avoid using Tazorac. If a woman is thinking about becoming pregnant, she should never start taking Tazorac. A young female who is taking Tazorac might consider using some form of contraception.

A young woman who is planning to start taking Tazorac should initiate that use during her period; in that way she can be more certain that she is not yet pregnant. A woman who is breast feeding should not takeTazorac. Under certain conditions, both men and women need to avoid taking Tazorac.

Any person with sunburn should not use Tazorac. Any person with eczema or other skin condition (other than acne) should not use Tazorac. Anyone who is taking an herbal supplement or vitamins should avoid using Tazorac.

Once someone has initiated use of Tazorac, then he or she should adhere to an unwritten set of "rules." First, a person using Tazorac should not put a bandage over the area of skin to which the Tazorac cream has been applied. Next, he or she must pay close attention to the substances that might get on the fingers. Those fingers might later touch the face to which theTazorac has been applied.

If someone who has been taking Tazorac touches alcohol and then touches his or her face, unexpected problems could crop up. If someone who has been taking Tazorac has touched an astringent, such as a cleaning solution, and has then touched his or her face, that Tazorac user could expect to deal with some unpleasant consequences.YV8Y9BJS4RNT

Spices, lime peel, medicated soaps, medicated shampoos and hair waxes can all interact with Tazorac, causing the appearance of unexpected reactions, reactions that do not work to rid the body of acne.

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